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Bossar Abogados is a group of independent lawyers who have decided to combine their experience and knowledge to offer their clients an optimal and comprehensive service.

The present-day problems and situations companies and individuals must confront are increasingly complex, and require great specialisation and teamwork.
Such needs are what are met, day by day, by Bossar Abogados professionals, in permanent contact with their surroundings and time.

The specialisation of Bossar Abogados professionals in the various areas of activity guarantee and provide the essential overall view which makes it possible to find the best solutions for their clients.

Work, commitment, service to the client and probity are the principles which inspire the activity of Bossar Abogados lawyers in the drive to satisfy all their clients, responding to the trust placed in them.


Fields of practice


Bossar Abogados is very actively engaged in Insolvency Law, participating in multiple corporate crises.

Civil Law

Our lawyers provide regular advice on all civil matters, particularly..

Tax Matters

The members of Bossar Abogados have extensive experience in advising on all types of tax matters, among which we highlight th.


Questions of conflict and litigation make up the ordinary activity of Bossar Abogados’ lawyers..


At Bossar Abogados (Madrid, Spain), we advise on all branches of Mercantile Law.

Criminal Economic and Corporate

Criminal Law in Business is also part of the everyday activity of Bossar Abogados’ professionals..

Real estate field

The Bossar Abogados professionals have had comprehensive experience in the real estate field.


Bossar Abogados

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